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Rekindle is Going Out and About and it is Going to be Fun!

There are a myriad of good opportunities for networking related to business and learning.  Rekindle is adding a new dimension where groups see real activities within flourishing companies.  Rekindle is going out and about and it is going to be fun!



With Virginia

With Michael E Gerber, who is the world's No 1 small business guru! At the core of mine who is new book, 'Beyond the E-Myth', is 'The Hierarchy of Growth'. It is a clear path to follow from where you are now, to where you never imagined possible.

Virgina Stouton

Truly amazing in each and every way

Virginia has had the privilege of having  a life full of business brains and the ability to communicate and connect with everyone, she is a true inspiration to everyone and everything she touches, we can learn not just a lot from her but if you could do a degree in Virginia then you might be half way there. She is a Successful Business Woman Entrepreneur and Novelist and also write some quite naughty poems to boot. Do not be deceived by her age this woman is a force to be reckoned with and we can only profit from her experience and those that socialise and are part of her life. You only have to look at the success of Madonna, to know how a brand thrives and survives and Virgina has got this in bucket loads. So What are you waiting for? 
SIGN UP TODAY and come along stay for lunch stay for dinner events and see how she can make a difference to your business, you will be surprised what doors will open for you. 

Daniel Priestley

With Virginia 

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Our Mission

WE HAVE Big Ideas


We’ve all got experience worth sharing.  Rekindle is about using other people’s experience to find the right solution for our own businesses.  I’m a huge believer in sharing both successes and failures and supporting others in their aspirations.

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With Virginia Stourton

Barn Theatre Directors

With Virginia Stourton

Jodie Swan

With Virginia Stourton

Quentin cool

With Virginia Stourton