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Rekindle: Creating a
family business atmosphere’
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We help connect mature professional businessmen & women with owners of Small Businesses and Network along the way!

We have created a friendly, ‘family business atmosphere’ where members are comfortable with exchanges at all levels, including bad experiences, business growth, knowledge, recommendations, guidance & advice and much more!

Testimonial - Virginia

Virginia‘s clear vision for Rekindle is producing the results that she and her team are justifiably pleased and excited by. Since the beginning of the year the company has grown exponentially realising its aim of melding together two valuable assets; mature experience with the ardour of young businesses, Rekindle is fast becoming a strong platform for growth.

Keen to be the best guidance for business success, the company, through its Home Team and Advisory Committee offers a comfortable start. Rekindle believes in complimentary activities and recognises the need of some to stretch beyond platform one! Success being the key word, we are happy to recommend avenues that may appear to be in competition but offer advancement to entrepreneurs at all levels. We are confident in our approach because the company invests time in research allowing recommendations to be constructive.

Rekindle is the staging post for successful business growth and teamwork, we believe support must be timely; cost effective and have a human face.


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Image from last meeting
Image from last meeting
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