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Rekindle: Creating a
family business atmosphere’
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Welcome To Rekindle

Profit from Experience – We help connect mature professional businessmen & women with owners of smaller businesses and NETWORK along the way!

We have created a friendly, ‘family business atmosphere’ where members are comfortable with exchanges at all levels, including bad experiences, business growth, knowledge, recommendations, guidance, advice and so much more!

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A simple Hello can lead to a million things!

Rekindle is the staging post for successful business growth and teamwork. We believe support must be timely, cost effective and have a human face!

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Rekindle Events

Rekindle Events

Every Rekindle event is different!

We have a different Guest Speaker every month, with many members attending and at least 15+ new people. We also hold a Mini Exhibition every other month where you can book and exhibit your products or services.

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What makes Rekindle different?

We listen, we support and we connect
people together!

We connect local business owners and start-ups with entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do, sharing their knowledge and wealth of experience,
thus helping you grow your business and
Profit from Experience!

Referring & Recommending

We recommend, we refer – Success being the
key word here!

Rekindle recommends avenues that may appear to be in competition but offer advancement to entrepreneurs at all levels. We are confident in our approach because we invest time in research, allowing recommendations to be constructive.


Image from last meeting
Image from last meeting
Image from last meeting
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