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Rekindle: Creating a
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What are people saying about us?

'Virginia displays a passion for helping local companies thrive and grow. Her vision of tapping into experienced mentors combined with energy to make it happen is outstanding.
Gordon Petrie-Neetrix Systems

Networking and relationship building can be a very powerful tool to establish quality contacts, raise brand awareness and lead to business growth. It is a key element to any marketing strategy.
With so many networking groups available it is vital to establish where to best invest your time.

For me Rekindle is one of the best networking groups I have been involved with. Led by an inspirational leader and successful businesswoman in her own right, Virginia has established a quality management team that is forward thinking and creative. Rekindle provides a platform for new ideas to inspire, Guest speakers to motivate and a group of professional members not afraid to talk about profitability, achievement and success. The quality, professionalism and commitment of members to supporting each other within the group is what makes Rekindle work. Whenever I have a need for any professional services I look within the Rekindle membership first. I have established quality business links that add value to my own services and that in turn has led to new business. The foundations of Rekindle are built on true values; Honesty, excellence and trust. we were and what was needed.'
Martin West - Owner Mlettings, Cirencester & Swindon.

Virginia has exceeded our expectations and more! We have been going to the regular monthly networking lunches for the past two years. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet other local companies and other experienced business personals over a sandwich or two. We also have our one-to-one monthly hour meetings with Virginia in our working environment.

Our one-to-ones with Virginia have been outstanding with a huge effect on our business. Having a unique mentor so inspirational like Virginia who has an abundance of knowledge, experience and understanding from running numerous of her very own businesses, has made us learn to approach aspects of the business in slightly different lights. She has a whirlwind of imaginative ideas, which have proven valuable to the business.
Sally-Anne & Holly The Painted Curtain Pole Company. T/A McCormick Weeks ltd

Virginia’s enthusiasm for Rekindle is infectious. She works tirelessly to support the development and growth of local business using her wealth of knowledge and experience. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Virginia to further develop the Rekindle offering and she continues to strive to ensure all members gain the support they need to grow their business.
She continues to inspire me daily and, because of her experience, I know she will help me and other small business owners achieve success for years to come. Rekindle is Virginia. Without her, we would flounder. An true inspiration.
Sharon Marson - Marson Wealth Management

I have attended many networking events, of varying quality and I have to put Rekindle up there among the best. As soon as I arrived, I had a warm welcome from Virginia. She is an excellent connector, with boundless enthusiasm. Her positive attitude is infectious, and percolates throughout the group, with the result that Rekindle is not just about doing business but also about supporting and nurturing each other.
Jo Smyth - Work Worker/PR for Rekindle.

We meet Virginia in the early stages of Rekindle and have to say we fell instantly in love with Virginia’s idea, enthusiasm and desire to make Rekindle work. Virginia is dynamic! Her energy for Rekindle is infectious, which in return, makes us (as her marketing partners) work harder to make it successful.
Lorna & Tony - Big Yellow Marketing Communications

I was one of the original small group of Rekindler's who squashed into a small room over a restaurant in the middle of Cirencester. The meetings were convivial but static – that is until Virginia’s original partner moved on. Her energy, vitality and commitment then exploded and such a buzz was created such that it quickly became necessary to move to larger premises. The Stratton House Hotel, with ample parking space (not available in the middle of town) was selected and the Rekindle concept really took off. From 6-8 people once a month in very quick time it has grown into a regular monthly attendance of over 50 people from all walks of life coming together to communicate and cross fertilise.

Virginia has brought her considerable business acumen and experience to bear, enlisted help of the local and dynamic Big Yellow Marking Communications company, surrounded herself with people with complementary skills land is busy building a truly extraordinary and vibrant organisation with a great future. No mean feat for an octogenarian! Businesses are already profiting from participation and this will continue on an ever increasing scale.
Jeremy Townsend - Owner, Picture of Health.

I joined Rekindle immediately after attending my first networking event with them. It was clear that they had established a very successful formula that would ensure the growth and development of business in the Cirencester and adjoining area. Virginia has an infectious enthusiasm for the whole enterprise and spares no effort in discovering the true value of members business. Although openly cautious about how effective Equine Facilitation might be she gave up half a day to discover it for herself and has become a great champion for our work. Virginia has already established Rekindle as one of the leading networking groups in the SW and her vision and plans for the future will ensure it remains the networking group of choice for a long time.”
Graham Dawson, HorseHeard.

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